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Make sure, you are really - really want it!

The whitest of white blondes may be difficult to achieve, but this proves that once you get there, you can have a lot of fun with other effects!

Before achieving this look, we informing any client who wants to be an icy blonde about the effort involved.

"I explain to clients that it is NOT easy to achieve!"

"Why does it take so long? Because stylist isn't trying to melt your hair off! I explain to clients that we take our time to ensure they'll have a flawless blend of colors while maintaining the integrity of the hair. I also explain that we use quality products that are expensive for us to keep in stock, and that this color will require multiple processes which means LOTS of used product."

For 99.9% of clients, there is no magic formula that will get an icy blonde in one step--and they should not expect to be in the 0.1% group when they ask for this color. I also explain that it takes a lot of time, at least a half a day or more, and that we are using our skills and training to give them their desired look. I just try to make sure clients know what they are in for!"

8 Color Formulas - day 1

TWO DAYS LATER.... And several more procedures...

Pricing: I normally charge - $75 per hour + cost of products

The process took about 8 hours start to finish for a total of $600 + products

You hair stylist

Tatiana Zvagelski


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