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Dark to blonde in reality!

Dark to blonde in reality!

it’s probably the best example I’ve seen of virgin hair vs. previous colored hair vs previously lightened hair. This is probably the worst situation you can have when trying to go lighter💡. When you use permanent color it permanently alters the hair and unless it’s completely cut 💇🏻‍♀️ out it’s still there. It doesn’t matter that it’s “faded” or that it was 2 years ago. Unless you’ve cut off 2 years of hair then guess what 🤷🏻‍♀️......

It’s still there.

Virgin hair will ALWAYS lift cleaner and lighter than previously colored hair period. I would prefer to lighten a virgin level 2 than a previously colored level 5. Permanent color also mimics underlying pigment so if you put level 2 over level 2 your going to have to go through every warm stage x’s 2. So if your lifting black your going to go through artificial color + underlying pigment so a lightener that lifts 6 levels will probably only get you 3 since everything is doubled. Artificial red/orange + underlying red/orange, artificial orange 🍊+ underlying orange, artificial orange/yellow 🍌+ underlying orange/yellow, etc.

Keep this in mind when applying darker shadow roots.

Future maintenance should always be discussed and the consequences of going dark to light.


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