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Summer Haircare: the essential tips

Every year, summer brings with it the promise of warmer weather.

But it's also accompanied by renewed warnings about the power of the sun and the damage it can do to our skin. And while people are becoming increasingly aware of the skincare benefits of sunblock and sun protection creams, there's still surprisingly little knowledge about protecting hair from the sun's harmful rays too.

Want to educate your clients about sun hair protection? Here are a few tweaks you can make to your salon equipment and products over the summer.

Taming summer frizz

The biggest hair problem most people encounter over the summer is excessive frizz. Warm environments can make both long and short hair suddenly expand in volume – and not in a good way. If you're with a client who's particularly prone to frizzy hair, use a smoothing shampoo then dry hair with a ceramic hairdryer through a diffuser. Before drying, apply a heat protector spray, preferably one that's been specially formulated to resist humidity.

Your client is likely to be more aware of their frizzy hair in the summer too, so it's helpful to have a reliable frizz protection crème on hand to buy or add a finishing touch to a hairstyle.

Sun protection hair products

Planning on lying on a beach or in the park while the summer sun shines? That means the sun could be beating directly down onto your hair for a few straight hours and, as with your skin, that can have harmful effects. Compared with skincare, UV protection for hair is still in its infancy but you should still be able to find a few specialist products with which to equip your salon.

You could also recommend a good strengthening treatment or a natural hair elixir like Argan Oil, which will prevent hair from drying out and losing its shine. And for a chemical free sun hair protection option, you can't go wrong with a wide-brimmed hat.

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Tatiana Zvagelski


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