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"OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Experience-Your Best Introduction To OLAPLEX

"OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Experience-Your Best Introduction To OLAPLEX

The OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Experience is the best introduction to the amazing and instant benefits that OLAPLEX provides to you and your hair. An OLAPLEX two-step treatment that rejuvenates damaged, fragile, lifeless hair whether from blow drying, curling irons, brushing and/or color, texture and straightening services. It can be performed on all hair types, virgin to extremely damaged. Your hair will be healthier, shinier, and more controllable. All salon services can be improved with an OLAPLEX treatment before or after the service.

OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment With No. 3 Take Home Perfector

This is the same as the OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment above with the addition of a take home bottle of OLAPLEX #3 Bond Perfector. This way you will be able to maintain the great state OLAPLEX puts your hair at home in between salon visits.

OLAPLEX Beard/Coarse Hair Treatment

OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatments can tame even the coarsest, unruly hair. Your beard/facial hair or coarse scalp hair will soften to give you more manageability while styling, be softer to the touch and impart shine. Color will last longer on beards as well as hair. Ten short minutes gets you the control you need.

OLAPLEX Clarifying Service Prior To Stand-Alone Treatment

Hairspray, styling product, and hard water buildup can affect the penetration of your OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment thereby affecting the success of your chemical service. A deep cleansing, clarifying treatment to remove/neutralize these obstacles is recommended for optimum results from your service investment. Ask your stylist for any added time to your service.

OLAPLEX Lightener/Bleach Insurance

OLAPLEX added to your lightener/bleach allows the hair to be lifted higher without causing damage. Your lightened hair will feel great, hold the toner/gloss longer and it virtually eliminates any drying out. It alleviates concerns about breakage too. Your hair will be stronger, healthier and shinier with the addition of OLAPLEX.

OLAPLEX Gloss/Toner Service

By adding OLAPLEX to your gloss immediately after a lightening service or on pre-lightened hair, it repairs weakening caused during the lightening/bleaching process. This will result in luminous shine, richer color, greater color hold and hair that is more manageable to style.

OLAPLEX Color Assurance For Permanent, Demi, Semi and Direct Dyes

OLAPLEX added into your single process, base color will extend the life of the color, give you a richer color and the hair will have a luminous shine and be in great condition. This will not take any longer than your normal salon time.

OLAPLEX Permanent Wave Confidence

Long lasting, beautiful, resilient curls and/or body can be yours with the addition of the OLAPLEX Bond Multiplying System to your Permanent Wave Service. Even if your hair is color treated this package will produce a perm unlike you’ve ever experienced. Fully formed resilient curls are possible with OLAPLEX even with fine hair. OLAPLEX relieves the traditional worries of perming such as breakage, dryness, frizz etc. All hair types will look, feel and style better as a result OLAPLEX being added into your Perming System.

OLAPLEX Breathe Easy Relaxers

Have you tried to let your hair grow and it's still short from touch ups? Like to get your hair lighter but you're worried about hair breakage? Do you dread that dry hair feel after relaxers? Well, breathe easy because the OLAPLEX Bond Multiplying System added to your Relaxer Service has all those concerns solved! OLAPLEX added to your Relaxer Service will keep your hair from breaking allowing it to grow, your hair will be able to be colored without worry and your hair will feel and look great! A small investment that will pays huge dividends for your hair."

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Tatiana Zvagelski



Hair salon Mundelin IL
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