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How do you know when the hair needs moisture over hydration??

How do you know when the hair needs moisture over hydration??

A client asked me the other day ..

Water hydrated you from the inside

and lotion moisturizers from the outside ..

but how do you know what the hair needs??

Second, what’s the difference between purifying, cleansing and chelating shampoos. When would you use one over the other.

Third, do you shampoo and condition before toning? Not shampoo after?? Condition??


Hair feels hard and brittle ,if too much protein ,so use moisture then,

and hair feels stringy and slimy, when over moisturised ,and wont hold curl -well ,use protein in this case,

Purifying can either be the same as clarifying or ,sometime purifying is for thw scalp to cleanse (usually citrus minty fragrance)

helps cool tje scalp and remove dirt and debris great for dandruff and dry scalp,

Clarifying = product buildup removal

Chelating = mineral buildup eg. Copper, sulphur, oxides, chlorine etc. This is good for removing unwanted tinges such : copper (known to people as the chlorine green tinge but its actually the copper oxide) this removes the minerals that buildup causing discoloration among other things

Also shampooing first depending on the brand and instructions foe use some say to applt first then shampoo or apply to shampooed hair, so that is a factor, usually you wouldn't condition first as the cuticle needs to be slightly abrasive/open for the toner to have best effect, and usually the toner will then seal the cuticle anyway, but it wouldn't actually HURT to condition lightly with a lightweight conditioner, but usually best to not condition so there's no possibility of it not taking

Clarifying shampoo remove residual products eg. Wax hair spray gel shampoo and conditioner buildup silicone!

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