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Here are a few tips you can use to help get you through...

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

So, we are a few weeks into lock down now, and I know a lot of you either have regrowth ,because you were due for your appointment, or your hair is about to get out of control. That’s not good when you’re still working from home and video chatting etc. You still need to look presentable, so we are here to help! Here are a few tips you can use to help get you through the next few weeks without taking drastic action like box dying or cutting your own hair.

  1. Dry shampoo: is now your best friend. It will take away that oily look that can make dark regrowth look even darker and give you some volume at the roots too.

  2. Volume, Volume, Volume: Also, a great trick, it softens the heavy line of a regrowth and by styling your hair up you look super lockdown glam for your video conference!

  3. Hair Chalks: OK so you have a dark colour and some pretty grey roots coming through. DO NOT RUSH OUT AND BUY BOX DYE! It’s not a good product (full of PPDs and other nasties), hard to apply evenly and often doesn’t end up the right colour. It’s also a real shit job for us to try and correct and in the long run will cost more for a salon to fix,and blending crayons are a much better option. These are temporary and will help you blend your growth without too much hassle.

  4. Scarfs: Fringe getting too long. Pixie cut getting shaggy round the ears? Its head scarf time! Don’t be afraid to use accessories in your hair. A head scarf or clip can hide a multitude of sins and again keep you looking polished for your zoom datesю

We hope these little tips help over the next few weeks. Remember, is here for you to help in any way we can. If you wish for us to help you match your color for the temporary spray tone for your outgrow color , you’re more than welcome to text me or dial me and it can be delivered to your door in no time!

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Be Kind, Stay Safe,

Stay Home.

And we will see you soon !


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