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Do not be tricked into fancy words!!!

Smoke and mirrors!

Only Olaplex re-links the broken disulfide bonds back together, they own the patent on it, 8 of them in facts, so until that patent runs out in 20 to 25 years nothing else can do what Olaplex does.

Salt & Hydrogen bonds come back together automatically when the hair dries or when the pH goes back to 4.5 to 5.5.pH

So, they use the word Bonds, but many are putting together poly peptide bonds, amino acid peptide bonds which is a fancy way to say it's a deep conditioner.

Maleic acid temporarily coats the disulfide bonds but can't re-link them permanently like Olaplex can, they will break in a day or so or when the hair is blown dried or if any chemical service is preformed


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