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As a professional,

As a professional, I think that the wording needs to be edited. It can be offensive and not inclusive... professional stylists are paid for the “time” involved in providing service so that we can leverage the best of our skills and time management. The time it takes to do high density hair is more about the amount of time it takes to complete the service as well as the amount product needed to perform the service entail.

The same theory applies to chemical services and color services... naturally it will take more time and product for high density patrons when compared to low density ones and yes the client should have to pay more for the service. However, the word “texture” should not be used because it implies patterns of hair, which has nothing to do with time management as it pertains to product. There are varying degrees of wavy, straight, curly, coily, and straight “textures”. The better term needs to be- hair density.


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