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Haircut Vernon Hills / Hair by Tatiana Salon wearing a scarf around the top portion of your head is an “en vogue” look that will draw color and life to your face while taking the focus away from your aging neck. Additionally, letting your hair hang down on your shoulders while wearing the scarf will help further shape and cover your neck, making you look younger as well as livelier. In addition to hair scarves, headbands, hair clips and pins will help accentuate your hair and move the attention away from your aging neck

Haircut Vernon Hills / Hair by Tatiana Salon create the ladylike and polished curls of Elizabeth Taylor or the looser and more playful ‘do associated with Marilyn Monroe on medium length hair. This look works best with layers, but they’re not essential. You can achieve a similar style with hair between chin-length and shoulder-length. Set your hair into curls. Once you’re curled, you’ll side part the hair, brush a lot and finish with a high-shine spray for Elizabeth Taylor’s sleek styles. To create Marilyn’s girl-next-door look, limit how much you brush and keep some of your curls distinct. The look is soft, a little bit messy and can even look tousled, especially for casual wear. Finish with a light hold spray, rather than one that creates a high-shine look. You can create a similar style on shorter hair, all the way down to a pixie, relying on a small-barrel curling iron or pin curls as the basis for the style.

Haircut Vernon Hills / Hair by Tatiana salon twist the ponytail into a tidy rope and wrap around into a neat bun. Tuck the ends of your hair underneath the bun. Grab a small jaw clip, open the jaws, and wrap one jaw around the bottom edge of the bun and the other edge onto the hair on your scalp. Close the clip down to secure. Repeat with the additional clips about five times around the perimeter of the bun.

Haircut Vernon Hills / Hair by Tatiana Salon comb the top section straight back from the hairline, or part the hair on the side and comb the two halves of the part back from the sides of the head to meet in the back. Secure the ponytail with a hair band that matches the color of the hair.

Haircut Vernon Hills / Hair by Tatiana Salon a pear-shaped face has a narrow forehead and wide jawline, lending itself to shorter, voluminous hairstyles. Layered cuts with lots of curl and lift on top provide balance. A graduated bob that falls to the chin is a good choice, or try a wispy design to soften edges. Tuck hair behind your ear to avoid drawing attention to your cheeks.

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