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Why Olaplex is THE ONLY Bond Multiplier!!!

I want to make sure you and everyone seeing this understands some things. And I want stylists to know the truth since there are many either misconceptions or flat out lies that I am reading about Olaplex, so as a Chemist, I want to make it clear what Olaplex does.

1. Olaplex has never changed their formulation. They changed the usage amounts last year, since they found you could use less Olaplex and still get the same great results. 2. Olaplex is the ONLY bond multiplier on the market, no other company has this technology since Olaplex and only Olaplex owns the Patent on a Bond Multiplier System. No other company can make a bond multiplier until Olaplex's patent runs out. 3. All other companies that tell you their product repairs the bonds back together are misleading you and down right lying to you. Salt and Hydrogen bonds come back together automatically, when either the hair dries or when the pH comes back to 4.5 to 5.5- automatically, without doing or using ANYTHING. Only disulfide bonds do not, and Olaplex's chemistry is the ONLY one that reforms the disulfide bonds back since they make the product, own the patent, and will own the patent until it runs out.

4. With Olaplex's new instructions, you do NOT have to use a higher developer, you just use 1/16oz. of Olaplex in Lightener and keep your developer right where you want it. 5. You will not "FEEL" Olaplex, it works internally in the Cortical fibers of the hair, repairing the broken disulfide bonds, creating new bonds, which prevents the hair from creating a sulfate group known as SO3, which is what creates Cysteic Acid which will start to eat the protein out of the hair, making the hair weak. Have you ever felt slimy hair? Those are the disulfide bonds destroyed, making the hair mushy, this is what Olaplex works to prevent. If you want that conditioned feeling, use a deep conditioner after you rinse, shampoo the #2 Olaplex off. 6. All the other companies are mentioning they make a bonder, they are NOT, they are making deep conditioners, NOT Bond Multipliers, big, huge, difference! I'm not asking you to fully understand the technology and the chemistry of Olaplex, but please understand the difference between a deep conditioner that makes the cuticles layers lay down, adds some protein versus Olaplex's Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, the one ingredient that is Olaplex which ONLY works in the Cortex to repair bonds, which prevents the SO3 from forming Cysteic Acid and eating the protein out of the hair!!! 7. Olaplex's transparency is so refreshing to see and their Educational Team is awesome at helping all of you understand how & why to use this great product. I wish I had invented this, it does what it says it does. I recommend and use Olaplex in ALL my chemical services.

The idea that you are supposed to "FEEL" anything is absurd that is NOT how it works and all of you liking a product that is making the hair feel better, go ahead and use it but it's not repairing anything, it is NOT repairing broken disulfide bonds which are the strength bonds of the hair. I'd much rather the hair be technically strong, so I can do my chemical work knowing that if I have to push the hair a little bit, say in a color correction, I will not be hurting hair. 8. Most stylists, I find, do not understand the chemistry behind it and really comes down to the point of why stopping the SO3 group is so very, very important, it's what causes hair damage and now with Olaplex we, you, can stop this type of damage that just a few years ago we didn't have this technology. 8. Please educate yourselves, become better stylists than what you were a few years ago. Totally new chemistry doesn't come out every often. Olaplex has 8 World Patents, and with patents, you have to PROVE they work. Olaplex has proven itself 8 times.

Mags Kavanaugh



Hair salon Mundelin IL
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