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12 Healthy Hair Tips

Updated: Apr 7

Straight. Curly. Wavy. Textured. Dyed. Natural.

Hair comes in all shapes and colors, but one thing that's the same — we all want our hair to look its best.

Over the years, hair fads have come and gone — cracking an egg on your head,

washing your hair with apple cider vinegar,

and even using pee on your scalp. So we went to the experts to sort out fact from fiction.

Hair comes in all shapes and colors, but one thing that's the same — we all want our hair to look its best

1. Chelate all new clients with Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment with the UnDoGoo Shampoo, it cleanses the hair of medication, product build-up, and minerals that can interfere with chemical processes. This not only makes the client's hair clean so you can safely do chemical services on them, but it makes you a little money, and who doesn't want that?

2. Shampoo the scalp, not the mid-shaft & ends, and condition the mid shaft & ends not the scalp area since your body produces an Acid Mantle which comes down 4 inches on your hair (your hairs natural conditioner and skin protectant).

3 Apply conditioner on your mid shaft & ends, not the scalp area. Never pile the hair up on itself, as the cuticles will rip into the healthy parts of the hair, if dealing with long hair, keep is long when shampooing.

4. Never rub the hair with a towel- pat the hair dry or wrap the hair up in a towel like a turban. This makes the hair keep its shine, so never rub! You rub, you are ripping up the cuticle!

5. Use the correct conditioner or deep conditioner for the hair texture- fine hair needs protein, medium hair needs both protein & moisture and coarse hair needs moisture.

6. Apply a leave-in conditioning leave-in spray (love the 13 In 1 from California Glam) and use a dimethicone product to seal the hair & act as the "F" Layer (natural F-layer protects the hair from external damage but is lost after any chemical services).

The leave-in helps to detangle the hair while the dimethicone product like Argon Oil will protect the hair. Leave-In then the Oil.

Dimethicones last thru 16 shampoos protecting the hair from external damage, yes, they are good for the hair!

7. Use a trichology comb when combing the hair out. Starting at the bottom of the hair and working up, comb all the way through the hair each time. If you hit a tangle, stop, open it SIDEWAYS to release the knot. NEVER use a brush, since it will grab a tangle, but you won't feel it, and you'll end up ripping through the knot instead. A comb is good, the brush is not on wet hair!

8. Treat wet hair like a silk blouse, never pull on it or rough it up in any way. Use a heat protectant spray or Argon Oil spray on the hair before you dry it. Dry the hair on a MEDIUM heat setting and dry the hair 75% BEFORE using a brush, this allows the hair to harden again, so you won't snap hair when pulling with a brush.

9. For fine hair use a mousse for volume, medium hair can use gel & mousse, and for coarse hair using a gel gives better lift than a mousse.

10. Make sure your clients sleep on a satin pillowcase. Cotton doesn't let the hair slide, it will rip up the cuticle layers, taking away the shine of the hair. Put your hair up at night with a fabric scrunchy on top of your head.

11. Hair is built like a rope, it's wounded up in coils upon itself and a split end is the hair unraveling, just like a rope does. Regular haircuts are crucial as hair starts to unravel after just a few weeks.

Fine hair needs to be cut every 4 to 6 weeks.

Medium hair 6 to 8 weeks.

Coarse hair every 8 weeks.

12. For longer hair clients that like to wear their hair up, teach them to vary their style and where they put their hair up, teach to put it at the crown, next time put it up at the occipital bone and then next nape, this way hair won't get dented which will cause breakage.


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